Rewards Program



How it works:


Earn rewards to shop at your locally owned Auto Value or Bumper to Bumper auto parts store has never been easier!

Simply sign up using your phone number and name, and you're ready to go. Spend any amount at a participating Retail Rewards location, and earn 5% back on your purchase. Each earn back amount is added to your account upon completion of your purchase, and available for you to use whenever!

Plus, earn bonus points throughout the year, and on your birthday.


Signing up is easy!


Simply visit your participating Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper parts store to sign up. 

Not sure where the closest store is to you? Click here to find out!


Membership Perks:

  • Instant Rewards
  • Birthday Rewards
  • Reward Member Specials
  • Easy Invoice Lookup

How do I check my balance?


You can check your balance by visiting, or by visiting your local participating Auto Value or Bumber to Bumper location.


Participating Locations:



Converting points from the old program to the new?

Fill out this form and we will get those points converted!


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This card is solely owned by Auto-Wares, LLC and is provided to you as part of the Auto Value & Bumper to Bumper Parts Store Reward Program (“Program”). We reserve the right to cancel your card usage or Program membership at any time. The card is only to be used by you as a member. Utilizing the card signifies your acceptance of all current and future terms and conditions of the Program. The card and Program membership is non-transferable. For the complete Program terms and conditions, please visit The card cannot be exchanged for cash. If found, please return it to the nearest Auto Value or Bumper to Bumper Parts Store. Redeeming rewards may necessitate valid US identification. This card is not a credit card.